SPC Training (Statistical Process Control Training)


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SPC Training (Statistical Process Control Training)

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SPC Workout

Online SPC (Statistical Process Control) Training

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Master Courses provide comprehensive training in a specific topic and typically take between 6 to 12 hours to complete. 

We also have Targeted Training Courses that are shorter (2 to 4 hours of training) and focused on a specific aspect of a larger topic.  Not all targeted courses are available to individuals or in a computer-Based format.  But all targeted courses are available with any web-based training subscription.


Statistical Process Control Training for non-manufacturing employees

Statistical Process Control (SPC) On-Line training for quality improvementSPC or statistical process control is a statistically-based family of tools used to monitor, control, and improve processes.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) training can be time consuming and frustrating because of the complex nature of the statistics underlying SPC control charts. SPC Workout is a comprehensive online SPC training course for engineers, operators, and technicians that makes understanding and applying statistical process control (SPC) concepts easy. 

Take this training and you will be able to:

  • Better understand variation in manufacturing processes including patterns and measures of variation.
  • Monitor and control variation with variable and attribute control charts.
  • Describe basic process capability concepts and the importance of capability when using control charts.

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With SPC Workout online SPC training, you can eliminate or substantially reduce the need for classroom training. In addition to providing a solid understanding of variation and the statistics upon which control charts are based, this course covers use of the most common variable and attributes control charts including x-bar & R-charts, moving average charts, p-charts, u-charts, np charts, and c charts. Extensive training includes collecting sample subgroups, plotting points on control charts, and interpreting SPC charts. This online basic SPC training course also features a conceptual overview of process capability including Cp, Cr, and Cpk to provide learners is a well-rounded and thorough understanding of how to use statistical process control in their jobs. This training is ideal for Six Sigma green belt training or for lean manufacturing training.

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