FMEA Training (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Training)


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FMEA Training (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Training)

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FMEA Investigator

Online FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) Training

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Master Courses provide comprehensive training in a specific topic and typically take between 6 to 12 hours to complete. 

We also have Targeted Training Courses that are shorter (2 to 4 hours of training) and focused on a specific aspect of a larger topic.  Not all targeted courses are available to individuals or in a computer-Based format.  But all targeted courses are available with any web-based training subscription.


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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis or FMEA is a structured technique to analyze a design or a process to determine shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. By assessing the severity of a potential failure, the likelihood that the failure will occur, and the chance of detecting the failure, dozens or even hundreds of potential issues can be prioritized for improvement. While the best way to learn how to conduct an FMEA is by actually working on an FMEA team, an FMEA team will be most productive when everyone on the team has a baseline understanding of FMEA terminology and methodology.

FMEA Investigator online training provides step-by-step instruction of the FMEA process covering both Design FMEAs (DFMEAs) and Process FMEAs (PFMEAs). Employees completing this training will be able to effectively participate on an FMEA team and can make immediate contributions to quality and productivity improvement efforts.

Be sure to check out our FMEA Resource Center.  It is full of helpful information about FMEA's as well as useful forms and checklists.

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