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Metrology, Gage and GD&T Training

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Gage Mentor

Online Training on How to Use Hand Gages

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Master Courses provide comprehensive training in a specific topic and typically take between 6 to 12 hours to complete. 

We also have Targeted Training Courses that are shorter (2 to 4 hours of training) and focused on a specific aspect of a larger topic.  Not all targeted courses are available to individuals or in a computer-Based format.  But all targeted courses are available with any web-based training subscription.


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Web-Based    Network/LAN    CD-ROM

Metrology and gage techniques used to be learned on the job.  But as measuring equipment (even micrometers and calipers) becomes more discriminating and dimensional requirements tighter more formal metrology training is necessary. 

Gage Mentor is metrology, gage, and GD&T training designed for operators and technicians who use dimensional gages in their jobs to make measurements.  Gage Mentor starts with basic dimensional metrology terminology, covers the importance of measurement standards and the difference between precision and accuracy.  Next, the learner is introduced to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and the fundamentals of surface finishes. 

Gage Mentor also covers how to take measurements with the most frequently used instruments including calipers, micrometers, height and depth gages, fixed gages, and gage blocks and surface plates and helps the learner understand the best way to measure various types of dimensions such as roundness and hole position.

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