Fundamentals of APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) On-Line Training


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Fundamentals of APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) On-Line Training

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Fundamentals of APQP

Online Advanced Product Quality Planning Training

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Advanced Product Quality Planning, or APQP, for short creates a roadmap for developing new products complete with time-based milestones and decision points along the way. A major objective of APQP is to provide a vehicle for suppliers and customers to work together when developing a new product. This helps assure that the product is delivered on time and with the highest added-value. New Product Introductions (NPIs) have a greater success rate when the principles of the APQP approach are followed.

APQP has five formal phases. Each phase is connected to and triggers the next. APQP is not a “use what I like and ignore the rest” approach. It represents a continuum in which each phase builds upon the next. Some organizations precede the “official” five phases with a “Phase 0” that includes forming a team, defining the scope of the project, conducting an initial assessment of the projects’ feasibility and establishing documentation and communication protocols.

The Fundamentals of APQP training walks learners through all phases of the APQP process beginning at Phase 0 and ends with a lesson on Control Plans.  Throughout the training there are exercises and upon completion of the content, learners complete the Fundamentals of APQP Challenge that tests their understanding of the material.

The course is designed for employees who are responsible for conducting or participating in the APQP process.  We also offer an Overview of APQP course for managers and personnel responsible to overseeing departments responsible for conducting APQPs but who are not intimately involved in conducting them.

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