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What You Need to Know About 5S's

The 5S's comes from 5 Japanese words that have been translated into English.  While the actual English translation may vary depending on who you are talking to, the meanings remain the same:

Japanese Term English Equivalent




Set In Order







5S Checklists and Forms

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Books and Training on 5S

5S is a pretty simple concept so why would you need training? 

Training helps assure that everyone in the organization or on the 5S team has the same baseline understanding of the 5S process.  5S training can also be motivational and inspire people to take the first step toward better organization in the workplace.  Often the reason that work areas become disorganized is because people working in the area have not allowed themselves the time to designate a place for everything and then make sure that everything is in it's place.  Eventually the cleaning task becomes so monumental that people don't know where to start and it is easier to put it off for one more day.  5S training legitimizes taking the time to get organized. 

More so than any other training that we do, people tell us that they are motivated to not only use what they have learned about 5S on their job, but also in their personal lives.  With that kind of warm reception for 5S training, the benefits of training are obvious.  After all, if it was easy and didn't require training, people would already be practicing 5S methodology. 

The 5S Reference Guide   A basic guide that covers the essential aspects of 5S with lots of helpful hints on initiating and sustaining a 5S effort.  Only $9.95 each or $7.95 each when purchased in 5 packs.

The 5S's:  Workplace Organization   Comprehensive online training on the 5S's.  Available online or in CD-ROM or Network versions.  Click here for more information.  Click here to try a sample lesson.

5S Outside of the Box

If you have never worked in a commercial kitchen you might not have any idea of what is going on behind the scenes in a restaurant. Diners in a fine restaurant may be comfortably relaxed enjoying their first glass of wine, but the kitchen is in a controlled chaos mode. What keeps the kitchen from uncontrolled chaos is mise en place (pronounced MEEZ ahn plahs), the French phrase that translates as “to put in place.”

Mise en place means assembling all of the ingredients, pots and pans, plates, and serving pieces needed for a particular period. More than that though, mise en place is a state of mind. According to the Culinary Institute of America’s tome The New Professional Chef…”Someone who has truly grasped the concept is able to keep many tasks in mind simultaneously, weighing and assigning each its proper value and priority.”

Mise en place sounds like the 5S’s to us. Having a clean and organized work area that only has what is needed to do the job eliminates a lot of wasted time and frustration in getting the job done.

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