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System Requirements


Web-Based Training (Internet)

QualityTrainingPortal web-based programs require the following in order to run correctly:

  • PC or Apple Computer:  Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome.  Soundcard and speakers or headphones are helpful, but not necessary.
  • Tablets:  iPad (Safari Browser) and Android Tablets (Google Chrome Browser) are supported.  We do not recommend using our training on Ipad Minis or smaller Android Tablets as the full course will not fit on your screen and will require scrolling.  We only support the native browsers that come with the tablets.
  • Smart Phones:  QualityTrainingPortal courses may work on smart phones, however we do not support nor do we recommend using a smart phone for this training. The courses are too long and the screens too detailed for effective mLearning.

Computer-Based Training (Single Computer and Network)

  • Client (for network) or workstation (for Single Computer versions) Windows 7, 8 and 10.  While our courses may run on Windows 2000, XP and Vista, because those operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft, we are unable to officially support them. 
  • Citrix Servers or Thin Client System We do not support running our courses on Citrix servers although we do know that some of our customers are using our courses on Citrix servers.  Please be sure to consult our License Agreement before installing on a Citrix server or Thin Client System as our network licenses are SITE licenses, NOT corporate-wide or enterprise licenses.
  • Resolution set to 800X600 or higher
  • Color at 16-bit or higher.
  • Soundcard and speakers or headphones.
  • Flash Player.
  • For network versions, the files will be installed to the network server.  No "processing" takes place on the server, it simply "serves" the files so you could use a standard PC as the "server." 
  • Each course averages about 75 to 80 MB of space - so keep that in mind in terms of hard drive requirements.  You would need to have this amount of space available on your LAN server for network versions and your workstation for Single Computer versions (if you want to install all of the files to your harddrive).

Note:  Our programs may run on systems that do not meet these requirements, but performance may be diminished.  Systems that exceed these requirements should achieve better performance.










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