How Subscriptions Work



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How Subscriptions Work


The Subscription you choose will depend on your projected training needs.

Small Workgroup







  • 10 credits
  • 6 month subscription

  • 50 credits
  • 12 month subscription

  • 250 credits
  • 12 month subscription

Credits Give You Flexibility and are Convenient

Workgroup and Corporate subscriptions give you complete control over how you use our training.  There is no need to decide up front which courses you are going to use.  Instead, you purchase credits that can be used to assign any of our courses to your learners.

Subscriptions are Renewable and Scalable

Small Workgroup Subscriptions start with a 6 month term and Large Workgroup and Corporate Subscriptions are for one year.  If you don't use all of the credits you purchase by the end of your subscription term, you can purchase additional credits or your can pay a small support fee and your subscription term is extended and all unused credits are rolled over. 

When Your Subscription Expires

All learners who have been registered for training will continue to have access to their courses for 13 months from the last time they actively used the course.  This means if your learners use the training annually as refresher training, they will have access to those courses as long as your company has an active subscription with

If you start with a Small Workgroup or Large Workgroup and your training needs expand, you can always move up to the next level.

QualityTrainingPortal GROWS with Your Training Needs

With our options for workgroups, you manage the training for your organization using our administrative tools including registering learners and monitoring their progress.  You determine the course titles to add to your account and you then use credits to assign those courses to your learners.










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